Chilandar Monastery - Holy Mount Athos

Lord God of Hosts, God of our salvation, God who alone does wonders, make Your humble servants worthy and mercifully look upon us, as the Lover of humankind, hear us and have mercy on us. Behold, our enemies have gathered together against us, to destroy us and to demolish our Sanctuaries, and You who know all, know that they have unjustly risen up against us, so that we cannot withstand their multitudes unless You help us. Therefore, sinful and unworthy, repenting, with tears we pray You: Help us, God our Saviour, and rescue us for the glory of Your name, so that our enemies might not say: "Behold, God has forsaken them, and there is none to deliver and save them" (Ps. 71:11); rather that all peoples may know that You are our God, and we Your children are always sheltered by Your might. Show us Your mercy, Lord, so that the words spoken by Moses to Israel may apply to us: "Be steadfast, persevere and you shall see the salvation of the Lord, for the Lord will do battle for you!" (Exodus 14:13-14). Give us a good sign, so that those who hate our Orthodox Faith and us may see, and that they will be ashamed and relent.

Lord God, our Saviour, strength, hope and defense, remember not the transgressions and injustice of Your people, do not turn away from us in Your wrath, but instead make us worthy of Your mercy and visit Your humble servants. Come to our assistance and scatter the cunning counsels of those who wish us evil; judge those who offend us, conquer those who attack us; turn their shameless impudence into fear and flight. Forgive the sins of those to whom You have granted the laying down of their lives in battle for our faith, and for the freedom of our people in the Fatherland, and in the day of Your righteous Judgment grant them crowns of glory which will not fade (1 Peter 5:4). For You are the defense, victory and salvation of all who hope in You and glorify You -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.